Martinas work is largely based on her heritage and her desire to recontextualize it. Sicily, a mixture of cultures that have historically influenced and conquered it countless times, harmoniously mixes once again with modernity in a gracious and elegant manner.

The collections represent the splendor of a rich land in an untraditional and more contemporary fashion. In these designs you can observe the use of noble materials, like marble, that are notoriously complicated to work with, carefully crafted glass and steel. Hard materials that become the means for sinuous, elegant, almost soft, shapes.

The two collections, Ficurinnia and Tanticchia, aim to “play” with the concepts of representation and revolution. In the Ficurinnia collection, the humble prickly pear that is very common throughout Sicily is represented in a more modern and refined light through the use of fine materials like marble and glass. With the goal of imprinting the warmth of Sicily on a cold and austere material such as marble. The Tanticchia collection on the other hand, has an ironic name that plays with its meaning and its juxtaposition. In the Sicilian dialect Tanticchia means “just a little bit” which is in sharp contrast to these large, imposing, and magnificent pieces of design.

The harmony of shapes Unique and precious fourniture
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