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Martina Ciaccio’s story, her career path and the inspirations and influences at the hearts of her job. A small way to get to know Martina and hers Sicily.
about Martina Ciaccio
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Martina Ciaccio was born and grew up in Sciacca, Sicily. After attending the School of Arts, she attended the Academy of Arts (Accademia di Belle Arti) in Palermo, where she is now living and working. After her studies in 1990, she dedicates herself to her profession of Interior Design. She works with devotion and constancy, animated by the enthusiasm that the love for the art and the creativity can give you.
The awareness of the peculiarity of her land brings her to become the tool for the diffusion and the acknowledgement of the beauty, in order to acquire the benefits of it. Understanding and aspire to beauty help to live well. The curiosity feeds her creative path so much that she wants to enrich it and satisfy it with numerous trips, that inform her of ethnic, cultural and artistic distinctions. Those distinctions will become for her rare resources and precious stimulus for creativity. The instinct and the love for the beauty brings her to discover a world populated by old and new objects, that belonged to different epochs and cultures. During her long professional experience, where she takes care of the entire architectonic process, from the idea to the realization at the building site, Martina Ciaccio takes care meticulously of every detail, aiming to a high quality of living and to the well-being, that she obtains the final user.

The long contacts with the customers, the scrupulous analysis of the advanced researches and the study of their necessity are the elements that convince her that har role can not be limited to the study of the living areas but that has to take into consideration some objects that will complete the spaces. Only in this way she can lean to the harmony and the beauty. Like a magic spell, rapped by this discovery, she starts a new working route, and at the same time she takes care of two parallel routes, which are necessary one another. This is how the study of collections was born. The collection includes complements and objects for the house that becomes precious manufactured goods, necessary to make the housing spaces unique and suggestive. Ideas and drawings, paintings and pictures, memories and collections that trigger the mechanism of the new. This happens in a creative momentum that characterizes the entire production, from the collections (objects, decorations and complements) to the projection and the study of interior environments and outdoor spaces, where modern lines and ancient influences, that take into account our territoriality and adapt it to the living of today, blend together. There is always the wonderful hope to be managed to fill us with beauty.