Martina Ciaccio | Esposizione Hotel Metropole di Taormina
Abbiamo il piacere di comunicarvi che ci hanno offerto uno spazio espositivo all'hotel Metropole, nel centro di Taormina. Vieni a scoprire Spiari e Lumera.
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The exposition at the Metropole Hotel of Taormina

It our pleasure to communicate that has been offered to us an exhibition space at the Metropole Hotel, in the centre of Taormina. It this possible to admire two frames “Spiari”, belonging to the collection Tanticchia. One of two frames “Spiari” has been made of Black Marchinia marble, while the other one of Breccia Medicea marble.

At the Metropole Hotel, we also brought the Lambicca table, a unique piece from the collection “Ficurinnia”, the marble used in this case is Breccia Paradiso.

It is possible to notice how the light goes through the veins of the marble, in order to create a harmonious and dynamic effect in a material used up to now only for wall coverings and worktops.

We invite you to come to know our work and visit the pages of the collection on our website.