Martina Ciaccio | Dindia
DINDIA è il primo e più rappresentativo complemento di tutta la collezione. È il frutto di un lavoro minuzioso e attento che vuole coniugare forma, linee e materia.
dindia complemento d'arredo
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The marble has always been considered the best material for different artistic forms, like the sculpture, and it is also strongly employed in construction; for those reasons the marble could only be the unequivocal material chosen for the collection. Its mineral nature and its peculiarities make it a perfect instrument to work on. DINDIA is the first complement and the most representative of the entire collection. It is the fruit of a meticulous and careful work, that wants to connect shape, lines and subject. The result of this is an object that interprets my entire cognitive and territorial path, that is shown in a prestigious solution enhanced by a natural, precious and unique stone material. The human being has always felt the need to characterize its “nest” with objects that identify himself. DINDIA is today the materialization of the complement.