Martina Ciaccio | Lumera
Lumera, grande lampada da tavolo interamente in marmo, che riesce a svolgere il suo compito di elemento decorativo per l’arredo e di corpo illuminante.
lampada in marmo lumera
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It is thanks to the light that we can see the wonders of nature, the depth that we observe in the eyes of who is watching, the gestures of those who accompany us and lead us. With the light we distinguish shapes and colours, showing up all the contrasts. We catch the essence of beauty. The light is also seen as a source of illumination. Between the elements that compose and make the collection “FICURINNIA” precious, we could not miss LUMERA. This is a big table lamp, entirely in marble, that manages to carry out its task as a decorative element for furnishing and lighting body. This table lamp presents a strong nature, and for the interior design succeeds with awareness to express itself thanks to the pleasant relations between the form and the matter, making it a complement of sure impact. LUMERA, like the entire collection, shows the image of the prickly pear.