Martina Ciaccio was born and raised in the town of Sciacca, in Sicily. After attending the local art institute she attends the School of Fine Arts (Accademia di Belle Arti) in Palermo, a city that she still calls home. Upon graduation in 1990 she began to work as an interior designer, it was there that she truly confirmed that she would make design, art, and creativity, her life’s work. The awareness of the uniqueness of her homeland, Sicily, pushed her to become an instrument for the recognition and diffusion of all things beautiful. Instilling in her the conviction that comprehending and aspiring to beauty is what makes life worth living. Curiosity feeds her creativity, and, wishing to expand her artistic horizons she decides to travel to multiple places around the world, encountering art from different cultures, ethnicities and corners of the world that enrich her artistic baggage and become inspirations for creativity. Her instinct and love for beauty take her on a journey to discover a world filled with objects, new and old, from different times and cultures. During her long career, in which she controls the entire architectural process, she has taken many projects from the drawing board to reality.

Martina always keeps a watchful eye on everything making sure every detail is of the highest quality of work and ensuring that her clients enjoy the end result. Long contacts with clients, and scrupulous analysis of their request and needs, convince her that her role should not just be limited to studying and designing interiors, but also designing the objects that would occupy them. She realizes that is the only way that she can achieve harmony in the spaces that she designs.

Completely taken by this idea, she begins on a new career path parallel to the one she has been travelling for decades. That’s how these collections of complementary interior design objects came to be. Ideas, photographs, drawings, memories and collections provide inspiration to design something new, this momentum characterizes the production of this new collection of objects, decorations and compliments, that can tie together any indoor or outdoor space. The designs mix modern lines with ancient influences of Sicily in the splendid hope of succeeding to fill us with beauty.